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Perhaps you have been having trouble with your teeth, if you have damaged, broken decaying or even missing teeth, dentures in Fort Myers Florida may be a viable option for you. Many people find that dentures in Fort Myers, FL are an effective and efficient tooth replacement. Not only do they improve chewing and eating, they improve your smile. If you have thought about dentures and live in the Fort Myers area, but were not sure where to go, the following will give you some ideas as to where to start.

There are actually five different types of dentures that patients can get.

Partial Removable Dentures in Fort Myers Florida: This type is used to replace just a single tooth or a few teeth. These dentures have the look and feel of a natural tooth, but it can be easily taken out if needed.

Partial Fixed Dentures in Fort Myers FL: This type of denture is also used to replace one or a few teeth as well, but is not removable, but permanently fixed in the mouth. These are usually called dental implants, which are anchored in the gum and provide stability like the natural root of the tooth.

Full Removable Dentures in Fort Myers FL: This usually involves all the teeth on the top of the mouth, the bottom or both top and bottom. These removable dentures are held in place with various adhesives or pastes, made for that purpose. These can be removed when necessary.

Full Fixed Dentures in Fort Myers: Similar to the fully removable dentures, these dentures will replace a full arch or entire top or bottom set of teeth. But the fixed dentures are fixed permanently in place with implants seated in the gums. This provides the patient with look and feel of natural teeth.

Denture attachment systems: This is a relatively new technology for dentures in Fort Myers FL. They are like fixed dentures, as they have the stable support of implants. However, these attachments are removable. The technology lets the wearer remove dentures when needed, but provide the lasting support of fixed dentures.

If this is something you are interested in, you can visit your local denture dentist in the Fort Myers area and they can help you find the best option for you. When you have the right dentures, it improves your eating and speaking ability tremendously. They also improve your smile and self-confidence. If you would like to know more about the differences in denture options visit with a denture expert today in your area.